• Hannah Mendoza

The Religious Christian Equation

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I think often the most misleading thing about Christianity is what society has made it up to look like: a religion with “rules” you're forced to follow. Like if you do this, congratulations, you're a Christian. & if you do that you're not a Christian. It’s almost like this or that. It's like some sort of math equation. Similar to the infamous Mx+B= Y equation, religion has set up this idea that Christianity works by following this “Equation”; pray (read your bible) + go to church + serve in church = Perfect Christian Life, with no mistakes and receiving everything you want from God ( almost like some Genie). So before you try entering Christianity with this in mind, I’d like to warn you, It just doesn’t work like that (like at all).

the problem

Don’t get me wrong, the bible has set up a variety of examples and circumstances in the Old testament and plenty of wise advice in the New testament to allow us to strengthen our faith and relationship with God. It is noted plenty of times that reading the word, going to church, serving, and praying is worth doing. However, it is never promised that if you did this you’d have a perfect life and God would act like some genie that would grant you an unlimited amount of wishes. There have been times I’ve heard “well, I tried the whole Christian thing and it just didn’t work out” or “God made me go through this or that, & If God was as good as they say, he wouldn’t have made me go through that or experience this”. Of which, I’d argue is the fault of this very religious equation. People expect Christianity to consist of God fixing every little problem, giving them the life they have in mind, basically, a picture-perfect life according to themselves.

Let me tell you something religion won’t tell you: life doesn’t become perfect and God is not like the genie in Aladdin when you choose to follow God. I’m not going to lie, I wish it was that simple. So now you might be asking, “Well, then what’s the point?” I remember hearing a preaching once from Pastor Michael Todd, he mentioned how God is like a GPS: How in life you have a purpose, a place and job you were made to serve, sometimes you might take the wrong turns, make the wrong decisions, but the beauty of accepting God is like a GPS, he will redirect you to the path that will take you to your purpose, no matter how many wrong turns you make. Much like when you travel afar, sometimes you might make the wrong turn but the GPS will redirect you to be back on track, you might have lost some time but at the end, you eventually return to be on the right track. That’s exactly what following Christ is like. It’s not about what you gain, but rather what you would’ve lost.


I used to think in this religious way. I’d question why the more I prayed, went to church, read my bible, served in multiple different ministries at a time didn’t make God give me what I wanted. In many ways I felt like Job, I was doing everything I could, I was being as faithful to him as ever, yet I felt as if everything was being taken from me. I figured the least he could do was perhaps listen to my prayers and grant some of my wants. However, it was once I realized how often I would say “Thank God this did/didn't happen” “Only God knows why that did/didn’t happen”, that I realized what being a Christian really was. How it really isn’t a religion, despite it being characterized as one. It’s not about God being a genie and having a perfect life, but rather knowing every second of your life that you have someone who is directing and redirecting your life according to where your purpose is being held. Now, notice how I didn’t say your ideal version of a perfect life, but rather where God is holding your purpose. On top of that imagine knowing that by agreeing to life with God you are eligible to receive over 3,000 to 30,000 of God’s promises mentioned in the bible, including one of them being that he would provide for your generations. Meaning your family, your children, their children, their children and so on (can you tell I’m obsessed with “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes?). So perhaps you won’t get your ideal version of a perfect life, but doesn't knowing that by accepting Christ, not religious Christianity, you are ensuring protection over the rest of your life and the generations after you, absolutely insane? (in a good way). & trust me, despite perhaps not attaining your ideal vision of life, trust me, He will give you a version that is 10x better than what you originally had in mind. However, don’t forget the road there is going to be bumpy, but trust me, it’ll be well worth it.

the purpose behind the why

Trust me, the more you walk in Christ with this “Christian Religious Equation” mentality, the more disappointed you’ll be. Thus, I encourage you to walk with the expectation that although perhaps you’ll make mistakes, experience failure, or rejection during this journey, God will redirect you and be there for you. You’re infertile? God has the final say. You got rejected to your dream university and you think your life is about to fall apart? Trust me, God is about to show you why. You just lost your job? Stay tuned because you aren’t ready to receive a job that you never thought you’d ever be qualified enough for. A loss is only a loss if you look at it like such, take whatever the circumstance that you may be experiencing and take it to the king. Trust me, everything, including every experience happens for a reason. God doesn’t just make things happen or create things without it serving a purpose.

Bible Verse of the post: “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed” Deuteronomy 31:8

Bible Story of the Post: The Man who lost everything (Job 1:13)