growing up in church

Thinking you were being left behind when your family members left without saying anything and watching every VeggieTales movie as soon as they came out. Growing up in church was nothing short of a wild ride.

Nowadays the misconception of what being a Christian is has taken up a storm. No, actual Christians don't hate anyone based on their sexual orientation. No, we are not perfect.

Nor will one ever claim to be so. I´d say we are as broken as anyone else. The difference is that we are imperfect believers who recognize we need God.

Being a Church Kid

I grew up in the church. In fact, I was raised so deeply in the Christian morals that my own parents named each of my siblings and I based on Christian personas. Contrary to popular belief, I was not named after the pop living legend, Hannah Montana, but rather the strong faith-filled woman named Hannah found in 1 Samuel 2:1. Someone I can only hope to become even half of what she was.

As a result, that meant I had no other choice but to go to church and tag alongside my parents as a kid. That is not to say that I wish I hadn't grown up in church because I'm truly glad I did, but I find it important to mention because it plays a huge role in this - It's hard growing up in the church. It's being a child and believing that Christianity is based on simply going to church and being retold stories that sound completely mythical and unbelievable. I mean, imagine hearing at a young age that Jesus fed 5,000 by producing a miracle out of five loaves and 2 fishes and that because of Eve the whole world was left to be doomed. It was all out of context and we had not experienced enough mistakes or lived enough to understand why or how that applied to our lives at all.


But then you grow up and suddenly life hits you without even noting it. You realize why God put the stories he did in the Bible. Suddenly they have a deeper meaning than what they appeared like before. You realize finding Christ isn't about just going to church but actually having a relationship with him. It's seeing the Youth that you grew up within church leave one at a time and praying they don't lose sight of Christ. As a result, thankfully seeing some go for the best and mourning when some of their lives take a different direction as they lose sight of Christ. It's realizing how much you need God in the midst of the worst seasons of your life.


I'd say growing up in church was the best thing to happen to me. I truly believe I have avoided many mistakes throughout my life because of the morals and values that were taught to me as a kid. Do I think I am perfect? In no way shape or form do I believe I am perfect. I have made my variety of mistakes, I've lost my way from his word multiple times, and I've fallen into sin as many times as any other. Yet, God has shown me his grace and mercy in the worst of my seasons and has proven time and time again that as long as I have faith the size of a mustard seed, I can move any mountain that comes my way.